11 Things I’d Tell You if We Met in Real Life

About Me — Kelly Eden

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Saying hello,

1. I love people’s stories

What do you do when you meet new people? I try and find out as much about them as I can. If we met in real life, I’d happily sit and listen to as many stories as you wanted to tell me.

2. I prefer deep conversation

If you want to talk about your divorce, or how you’re feeling about losing your parent last year, that’s fine too. I was raised by a therapist and a pastor; I was a suicide hot-line counselor for a while; I’m used to emotions. Talking about death or grief or the tough stuff in life doesn’t freak me out. I like having deep discussions — people have always told me deep stuff early on, even strangers. I actually think most of us secretly hate small-talk. We want to know people and feel connected.

3. It rains a lot where I live

If you’d rather talk about the weather, that’s all good. I’m very easy-going. (Or perhaps a bit of a people-pleaser?) If the weather’s where you feel conversationally comfortable, I’ll happily talk with you about how much it rains where I live (it’s next to a rainforest, after all) and how I don’t mind because when it stops the sky is so blue and the air smells fresh and all the green everywhere is bright and gorgeous.

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4. I really, really love writing

In our first real-life conversation you’d find out pretty quickly how much I love writing. I’m sure I annoy my family and friends with how much I talk about it. I think about it constantly. If I sort of drift off when we’re talking for a moment, it’s probably because you gave me an idea for a story. Sorry about that.

5. I’m a kid-whisperer

I have two birth kids and two step-kids. I also raised a teenage foster daughter for 7 years in my twenties. Being a mum is one of my top priorities and also one of the main reasons I work from home.

6. I’m super competitive — kind of

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One of my winning cake toppers — Photo author’s own

7. I’m the worst cook

I once made a beautiful meal for an anniversary dinner. I spent hours on it, selecting delicious looking recipes and carefully following them. It looked good…and then I added rock salt. Waaaaay too much rock salt. It was like licking the bottom of the ocean. We tried to rinse it off — we ended up with KFC.

8. I don’t have many strong opinions, but I hate unkindness

If you want to talk about your political views, your religious beliefs, or the latest conspiracy theory you have, I might not agree with you but I’ll happily listen. I’m not one of those people who wants to persuade everyone to my way of thinking. I enjoy hearing opinions and beliefs that are different to mine — if you believe aliens impregnated your dog, however, I hope you’ll understand my raised eyebrows.

9. I geek-out about books

Books are equal to writing in obsession-status. I don’t like to shop or spend money on many things, but if we wander into a bookstore on our walk, you might lose me.

10. I love love (and weddings)

I have another obsession. I’ll tell you, because I like you, but it’s a bit embarrassing. I love weddings. I love love stories and rom-coms. If you take me to see a romcom with a wedding…I hope you don’t mind being hugged?

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11. I’ll eat almost anything — once

I’ve eaten huhu-grubs (these New Zealand worm things), kangaroo, ostrich, quail, snail, and dog (Before you write an angry comment, I was sixteen, in Indonesia with a host family, and had no choice, okay! But it was surprisingly good.) I’ll try any food once. Otherwise how do you know whether or not you like it? If you want to cook haggis or fried crickets for me, I’m in! Just please don’t serve up whitebait— all those eyes…yeah-nah.

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