Kelly Eden

Kelly Eden has been in her dream career as a writer for over 13 years.

Previously, she graduated with a Bachelor of Education, Post-grad Diploma in Health Science with Distinction, and Graduate Diploma in Teaching and Learning.

Kelly lives in New Zealand, nestled beneath a rainforest, with her husband, four kids, and two cats.

Kelly works with one mentoring client a month. Ask about her mentoring packages for:

* Help with writing technique, voice development, refining your work, personal essays, writing online.

* Guiding you through Medium, Substack, LinkedIn, or pitching editors.

* Learning to share your expertise with the world in engaging ways. (Online writing is a very different skill to academic writing).

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Kelly Eden

Kelly Eden

Award-winning essayist, New Zealand rainforest dweller, owner of too many writing craft books. Become a word nerd too