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Kelly Eden
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I’ve been a working writer for over 12 years and the 70/20/10 rule is one I’ve always applied to my time. The 10 part is the most fun.

Here’s how it works — I spend the majority of my writing time on work that pays, around 20% on testing out and finding new income streams, and 10% of my writing time on unpaid creative work. This past year, the 10% opened some fascinating doors I wasn’t ever expecting to enter!

This is how it went:

  • I wrote a song with my husband and it ended up on four different radio…

If we haven’t met yet, here’s some things I’d tell you if we met in real life.
I’ve been a working writer for over 12 years, predominantly for print and online magazines including: ScaryMommy, YourTango, ThoughtCatalog, and Mamamia.

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There’s a lot of space in the writing world for stories about relationships. Perhaps you’ve got a personal story about your first marriage; a piece about how to date online better; or maybe a parenting article you’d love to write?

Relationships — including parenting, love, dating, and friendship — have made up the majority of my work for over 12 years now.

The problem with writing about relationships is it can make you vulnerable.

People love to add their two-cents to a personal story! Relationship stories easily attract negative comments or judgment. That’s just the nature of writing online unfortunately…

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When I first discovered Medium, I had no idea I’d stumbled on to a platform with as wide a range of writing as you’ll find anywhere on the internet.

Medium isn’t just a platform for bloggers or listicle writers. It’s for teachers, poets, fiction writers, coaches, business people, personal essayists, technical writers, designers, tech developers, artists, comedians…

If it’s written — whether content or art — you’ll find it here.

There’s room for more than one type of writing here.

One of the reasons I enjoy writing and reading on Medium is the diversity. I love reading stories by people…

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There’s been a huge emphasis on authenticity in recent years, but at the same time it’s become even easier to hide the real us.

We want to build genuine relationships with people who truly love us, quirks and all. But, as we re-enter the world, many of us are finding it a struggle to connect.

I used to joke I was “generic Kelly”. …

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In our 20s, my sister was a champion body sculptor and I was a figure skater. After I stopped figure skating, my body changed dramatically. I gained around 40 pounds and with no understanding of nutrition in my 20s — I couldn’t cook to save myself — I thought the changes were because I wasn’t training anymore. Talking with my sister, I found out the truth.

Here‘s what my sister’s body sculpting career taught me:

What matters most

In the three years my sister competed, she won the majority of her contests. Working in a gym helped. She had direct access to personal…

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Incase you hadn’t heard, the Medium Writing Challenge had more entries than Medium anticipated, so the winner’s announcements will be delayed until October.

There were thousands of entries — 10,200 entries, if I’ve added correctly!

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It’s a good time to reassess what’s working for you and what’s not. That’s what I’m doing this month. My Substack subscription was the first to go, my blog is next up on the chopping block. What about yours? There are some valid reasons to have your own website and others why it might be worth putting your energy elsewhere.

Below, I’ve outlined 7 questions you’ll want to consider when assessing the worth of your personal blog, and 3 reasons it could be worthwhile having one.

In 2018, I launched my second Wordpress blog.

  • Within a few months I had…

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If you could improve your relationship with less than 90 seconds of effort every week, would you do it? Of course, who wouldn’t? 90 seconds is nothing over an entire week, but it could make a huge difference in your relationship.

That’s the promise made by the Gottman Institute:

“It has the potential to benefit the overall health of your relationship.”

Great! Sign me up — what do we have to do? Not much actually. If you want to boost your relationship, just kiss a little longer than normal.

The Six-Second Kiss

Lead researcher in relationships, Dr. John Gottman, recommends a kiss that…

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It’s easy to get convinced by media and Instagram images, that we have to look a certain way to be attractive. The standards of beauty and attractiveness seem to lift constantly, for both men and women. It’s not enough to be cute, now you have to have a tiny waist with a six-pack and surgically perfect features. It’s exhausting.

When we struggle to get a date in our very visual world, it reinforces our beliefs. Perhaps we’re just not attractive enough to compete? But it can also be tough to find a match you’re attracted to in real life. …

Kelly Eden

Featured in Yahoo!Life | Mamamia | Apple News Spotlight | Scary Mommy | Thought Catalog, etc. Upskill your nonfiction writing at becauseyouwrite.substack.

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