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If we haven’t met yet, here’s some things I’d tell you if we met in real life.
I’ve been a working writer for over 13 years, predominantly for print and online magazines. I love both fiction and nonfiction and have been fortunate enough to carve a career from both.

I’m especially passionate about personal essays and love helping other writers tell their stories more powerfully. My Personal Essay Course is self-paced with direct feedback from me. I have won awards with my own personal essays, including an Honorable Mention in the Medium Writing Challenge.

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Joan Didion’s death has impacted me more than I expected and forced me to assess my own writing career.

I’ve been a writer for over a decade, simply taking whatever opportunities presented themselves to me over that time without much of a plan.

Mostly that’s been magazine work, like Joan…

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“These women writers just write about parenting and writing.”

The sentiment behind this writer’s comment: they’re not cool topics.

I’d already learned from a certain “elite” writing community, only poets and literary novelists are cool. I tried to be a literary novelist. It wasn’t for me.

Initially, I wrote the…

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1. At Dad’s, the next meal wasn’t always certain.

Ministers don’t get paid well. One night, food was anonymously delivered to our doorstep: my parents’ answered prayer at the last moment. I didn’t learn to cook; the kitchen was holy ground.

At Dad’s, food was scheduled on the fridge in ruled-up squares. It was measured, counted, restricted, sacred.

2. At mum’s, we pushed a bulging trolley around the supermarket.


Kelly Eden

Award-winning essayist, New Zealand rainforest dweller, embarrassingly soppy romantic. Become a word nerd too

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