Kelly Eden

If we haven’t met yet, here’s some things I’d tell you if we met in real life.
I’ve been a working writer for over 13 years, predominantly for print and online magazines. I love both fiction and nonfiction and have been fortunate enough to carve a career from both.

I’m especially passionate about personal essays and love helping other writers tell their stories more powerfully. My Personal Essay Course is self-paced with direct feedback from me. I have won awards with my own personal essays, including an Honorable Mention in the Medium Writing Challenge.

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“No,” he stated bluntly, staring at my portrait drawing. “It’s not right.” I looked at it, trying to see what he was seeing. What was he talking about? It was the best portrait I’d ever done. I’d had two lessons in his masterclass and already I was seeing a huge…

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Americans spend over $134 million on weight-loss programs every day. It’s understandable when the stress-eating and inactivity of the pandemic have left many people feeling unhealthy.

But is finding “health” as complicated and expensive as we make it? …

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There’s a lot of space in the writing world for stories about relationships. Perhaps you’ve got a personal story about your first marriage; a piece about how to date online better; or maybe a parenting article you’d love to write?

Relationships — including parenting, love, dating, and friendship — have…

Kelly Eden

New Zealand award-winning writer and personal essayist/bylines in Yahoo!, Mamamia, Scary Mommy, etc. Get full access

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